occupational therapy

Performance of Everyday Activities can greatly impact Living Life Well.

Improving daily living and work skills helps improve quality of life one day at a time.

Occupational Therapy combines assessment and treatment to develop, recover or maintain daily living and work skills of people with a physical, mental or cognitive disorder.


Based on restoring and maintaining the ability to perform meaningful activities of daily life, the goal of Occupational Therapy is to enable and encourage participation in spite of impairments or limitations in physical or mental functions. Therapists help individuals find their way back to being themselves again to live independent, productive and satisfying lives.

Treatment programs often focus on:

  • Use of Hands and Fingers
  • Coordination of Movement
  • Self-Help Skills – such as Dressing, Eating and Grooming
  • Sensory and Perceptual Motor Integration

Occupational Therapy 2 - Senior Peeling ApplesOccupational Therapists at The Continuum are highly-skilled professional with extensive backgrounds and training in human growth and development, with special emphasis on social, emotional and physiological effects of illness and injury. Our holistic approach takes into consideration not only individual abilities, but also tasks to be performed and the environment in which they take place.

Every client receives an individualized evaluation, leading to a differential diagnosis and personalized plan of treatment. With the extensive range of services offered by The Continuum, we are able to assemble a strong team to assess progress and determine program modifications.

The impressive roster of Occupational Therapy programs at The Continuum helps both adults and children improve developmental and physical skills.

Click to reveal diagnoses treated with therapy programs.

Adult Services
ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)
ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease)
Alzheimer’s Disease
Cerebral Palsy
Guillen-Barre Syndrome
Multiple Sclerosis
Parkinson’s Disease
Traumatic Brain Injury
Child Services
Brain Injuries
Birth Injuries
Cerebral Palsy
Developmental Disabilities
Feeding Problems
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Infantile Disorders
Learning Problems
Muscular Dystrophy
General Conditions Treatable with OT
Central Nervous System Disorders
Chronic Fatigue
Chronic Neck and Back Pain
Migraines and Headaches
Motor- Coordination Impairments
Orthopedic Problems
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Stress and Tension-Related Problems
Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome
Traumatic Brain and Spinal Injuries

A Synergistic and Supportive Approach

By assessing individual needs, the Occupational Therapists at The Continuum are able to develop customized programs focused on helping individuals achieve independence in all facets of their lives. Programs are managed in tandem with other therapies, physicians and family/caregivers, in support of many avenues of healing.
Therapists also work internally with the full spectrum of The Continuum’s therapy professionals, affording clients the benefits of additional programs contained without our range of treatment capabilities.

Our approach to effective Occupational Therapy blends expertise with creative solutions and innovative alternatives to the goal of restoring confidence in life capability skills.

Treatment Approaches
Activities of Daily Living Training
Adaptive Equipment Training
Community & Caregiver Training
Constraint Induced Movement
Developmental Therapy
Hand Therapy
Home Exercise Programs
Job Site Evaluation
Joint Mobilization
Motor Coordination Tasks
Myofascial Release
Neuromuscular Re-Education

Specialty Programs

Occupational Therapy 3 - Baby with ToyThe Continuum’s Occupational Therapy Team has also developed these Specialty Programs.

CranioSacral Therapy

Strengthens body’s ability to perform by helping to alleviate a range of illness, pain and dysfunction.

Sensory Integration Therapy

Addresses conditions related to coordination, sensory stimulation, activity level and behavior.
Detects disruption with regard to changed in movement and gravity that are normally identified by the nervous system.

Issues Helped by Sensory Integration Therapy
Balance and Movement
Behavior Problems – Impulsive or Distractible; Aggressive or Withdrawn
Coordination Problems
Hyper-Sensitivity to Touch, Movement, Sight or Sound
Joint and Muscle Position Awareness
Recognition of Body Position
Under-Reactive Sensory Stimulation
Unusually High or Low Activity Level

Home Safety Evaluations, Education and Training

Assesses needs to function within home environments, despite injuries, illnesses and disabilities that threaten independence. See also MOD Squad Home Safety.

Pre-Driving Assessment and Training

Determines whether a person should continue to drive while identifying possible problem areas that may include:

  • Cognition and Reaction Time
  • Driving Knowledge and Safety Awareness
  • Hearing
  • Sensation and Coordination
  • Strength, Range of Motion and Balance
  • Visual Acuity and Visual Perception Skills

Once problem areas are identified, Occupational Therapists develop programs to potentially remediate or compensate for these limitations. If results suggest that driving is not a safe activity, resources and alternatives for community mobility are explored.

Warning Signs of Driver-Related Issues
Accidents and Near Misses
Confusion at Exits
Confusing Brake and Gas Pedal Operation
Delayed Response Time
Driving at Inappropriate Speed
Failure to Observe Signs and Signals
Frequently Getting Lost
Hitting Curbs
Incorrect Signaling
Increased Agitation While Driving
Moving in Wrong Direction
Needs Help from Passengers
Parking Inappropriately
Scrapes or Dents on Car or Garage
Ticketed Moving Violations
Trouble Navigating Turns

Occupational Therapists at The Continuum also hold the following Special Certifications:

  • Balance and Vestibular Rehabilitation
  • BIG Program for Parkinson’s Disease
  • Neurodevelopmental Treatment
  • Strain Counterstrain
  • Aston Kinetics Fitness for Living Classes for Seniors
  • LOUD program for Parkinson’s Disease

Meet Our Occupational Therapy Staff

Julia Bolduc

Julia Bolduc,

Occupational Therapist

Jacob Abel, OT

Jacob Abel, OT

Occupational Therapist

Morgan Mitchell, OT

Morgan Mitchell, OT

Occupational Therapist

Phillip Gamroth, COTA

Phillip Gamroth, COTA

Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant

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